My Old Lists: they're here and in your face! ;)

movies last seen:
in november
billy elliot, zero effect, legend of speed, ronin, dancer in the dark

in september
almost famous, the professional, the contender, the killer, the exorcist re-release, the wild bunch
in august
office space, the cell, the nutty professor ii, the ballad of rambling jack, i'm the one i want (margaret cho ripped my ticket!)
in june
chicken run, fight club, screwed

newest cds:
yeah, i don't buy too many cds...
over summer
murder ballads
in spring
under the pink, when the pawn (<--regret it!)

newest mp3 downloads:
you can listen to my actual playlists on live365.
hear the music i listened to at work! you know you wanna
over summer
hans zimmer- gladiator, all of it!, moloko- various, rambling jack elliot- various, das ich- destillat, skinny puppy- various, david bowie- the heart's filthy lesson